Mindful Monday

Meditation Gathering

Start your week feeling grounded connected inspired.

Join me for a relaxing, weekly meditation as we gather as a group to create balance at the beginning of each week. As your teacher, I will lead a casual guided meditation using a variety of simple, mindfulness meditation techniques designed to help you connect to your natural state of grounding and harmony of mind body and heart. 
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Regardless of the meditation styles used, the intent is always simply to help you relax and quiet the mind so that you may let go into a state of peace and equanimity, and inner happiness.
Meditation helps us to de-stress while fostering relaxation, self-awareness, focus, creativity and clarity of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.

No meditation experience necessary. These sessions are ideal for beginners to introduce meditation into your day into your week with the support of a friendly, informal group. To Integrate the week's meditation into your day, into your week, at the end of each session, I will offer you (invite you) towards a question of Inquiry and Integration.


Through support and gathering and conscious breath work, we learn to come together to share, to learn, to explore, to grow and embrace mindfulness through connection and breath.


This is an online group that meets once a week via the Zoom platform to gather through meditation and discussion to witness the beautiful potential, through meditation that is in each and every one of us.


​Every Monday we gather online from 12-1pm Eastern Standard Time.


Membership is $15 a class.
***If you miss a gathering, I will happily email you the recording***
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